Decentralized assets in your Pocket


DePocket is a DeFi dashboard that enables users to manage and monitor cryptocurrency assets and NFT assets easily.

DePocket is developed to support much more decentralized assets on multiple blockchains as much as possible. Currently, DePocket has been successfully designed, developed, and released, and its first release supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC) at app.depocket.com

In the future, DePocket’s support capacity will be upgraded on other popular blockchain platforms such as ETH, Polygon, and Flow with a vision of β€œDecentralized Assets in your Pocket.”


The application of cryptocurrency or crypto assets is increasingly being enhanced in accordance with the development of blockchain and distribution systems. Accordingly, a Decentralized Finance System (DeFi) is gradually being formed and developed.

By inheriting the decentralized attributes of blockchain technology, various DeFi applications are being released in various forms, such as Decentralized Exchange (DEX) or Lending. For the Ethereum blockchain platform alone, hundreds of applications and protocols are created on DeFi, and that figure increases day by day.

Accordingly, Crypto-Assets or non-fungible tokens (NFT) may also be exchanged in various marketplaces or mortgaged on DeFi platforms. A user may be involved on various DeFi platforms, which may implicitly be located in different blockchains. As a result, it becomes more difficult to manage and monitor the list of assets/portfolio.

That is why DePocket recognizes the necessity for a platform to help users facilitate the effective tracking and monitoring of their portfolios. So, a user can obtain a complete view of all their assets and make smart and quick decisions on investment allocation.


DePocket offers the decentralized asset management solution to users on various platforms on a unique site. Real-time asset control and tracking are easily implemented.

DePocket sets up the continuous streaming and on-chain data index system from blockchain platforms via adapters. Accordingly, it is possible to easily extract decentralized assets, to facilitate real-time asset tracking and monitoring.

Using the above architecture, DePocket can easily scale up DeFi and NFT platforms on various blockchains. This is a unique and outstanding feature of DePocket. Mastering the technology makes it easy to scale up a list of assets and quickly and easily monitor the blockchain.

Main features

  • Asset monitoring: Asset Tracking and Monitoring on a DeFi platform with a clean and friendly user interface. Calculate total assets, Profit & Loss (PnL), and asset changes in real-time. Your information remains private, as we don’t access anything about your proof of information or your funds. Your private keys and funds always stay under YOUR control. Just connect your wallet to enjoy all of the DePocket services.

  • NFT support: Manage the information of a user’s NFT collections.

  • Multi-chain x Multi-address: Support the first BSC, then upgrade to various platforms such as ETH, Polygon, Flow, etc. Moreover, in a blockchain such as BSC, users can add multiple addresses to see aggregated total assets.

  • Market notification: Feature of supporting user notification on a market and other information such as yield farming, staking interest, and APR/APY ranking.

Design for Binance Smart Chain first

DePocket was first designed to support DeFi protocols on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). DePocket supports over 1,500 assets on BSC.

Currently, the following protocols are supported: PancakeSwap, BakerySwap, and Venus. We are working hard to bring more and more protocols to DePocket. In the near future, the following protocols will be integrated: MDex, Alpaca Finance, PancakeBunny, and AutoFarm.

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