You can view the dashboard immediately after connecting the wallet or track a specific address. "Dashboard" is the main component of DePocket. It is designed to be simple and easy to understand with the following main functions:

Click here to see the demo pocket.

Net Worth

Net worth is the cumulative sum of funds in all wallets. Values will be converted to real-time prices.

DePocket supports viewing multiple wallets at once.

List all assets in your wallet

DePocket supports tracking over 1500 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain.

List all assets locked in DeFi protocols

Currently supports PancakeSwap and Venus. We are working hard to quickly bring support for many other protocols.

Manage wallet addresses

You can add multiple wallet addresses, add or delete any address easily.

Other utilities

DePocket also has other utilities as follows to make it the most convenient for users to use:

  • Select currency

  • Dark mode

  • Change language

  • Search for specific address

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