Can I connect my TrustWallet wallet to DePocket?

Yes, You can connect to TrustWallet via WalletConnect or MetaMask now. Go to https://app.depocket.com/login and do as following:


  • Easily to open https://app.depocket.com in Browser tab and select Login with MetaMask

  • An other way, please select the Wallet Connect

After that, tap to choose QR code

Please snapshot this screen and open it in WalletConnect option on TrustWallet or QR options on MetaMask


  • With MetaMask, it is the same on iOS

  • With TrustWallet, easily to choose WalletConnect and select TrustWallet icon to open and connect to DePocket


What blockchains does DePocket currently support?

We are multiple chain app. At the first, we are supporting to assets on Binance Smart Chain first. Others chains is on the way, and it will coming soon.

How to Buy DePocket Token (DEPO)?

Coming soon

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